We are happy to announce that all Schedule K1 tax forms are being processed ahead of schedule and are currently being prepared for mailing.  We anticipate download availability on March 7th.

Please Note: In order to login and download your 2017 Schedule K1’s, you will need to use the username and password created during the 2015-2016 tax years. If you have not registered previously, please refer to the back of page one of your 2016 K1 form to obtain your PIN.

If you are a new investor and do not have a previously distributed K1 form, you will need an assigned PIN in order to register. Please contact our investor services department for assistance.

For information regarding K1 forms or fund performance, please contact our investor services department at 855-4ATAXK1 (855-428-2951). You may also email any inquiries to K1s@ataxfund.com.

Register and Download your 2017 Schedule K-1

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